Our factory

Café Najjar has invested in the largest coffee factory in Lebanon, a 15,000 m2 plant equipped with the most highly advanced computerized coffee machinery in the region. Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures that every product that leaves our factory has been subjected to the highest quality standards and rigorous food safety procedures.
Inside the factory, 60 million packs, equivalent to 12,000 metric tons, of coffee are produced per year, some destined for Lebanon, where Café Najjar serves up more than three million cups of coffee a day, and some destined for the 46 countries around the world to which we export.
Beginning with selecting the finest coffee beans that offer a high quality, exceptional flavor, the coffee process follows, which includes cleaning, grinding, roasting, wrapping, and vacuum packaging for flavor. These ultra precise and thorough operations are monitored by a computer program that doesn’t allow any alteration of the bean. Professional tasters also play an integral role in the process, forming the most reliable way of controlling a high quality flavor.