Explore a world of refined taste !
Gia espresso is for coffee lovers with a refined palate and an eye for style.  
With Gia you will enjoy rich, aromatic espresso with a layer of natural crema on top, freshly prepared and ready to be savored immediately – just the way espresso was intended. 
Gia comes to you !
Enjoy deliciously fresh Gia coffee at home or in the office with Gia’s own line of espresso machines.
Stylish and practical, Gia espresso machines add an extra hint of elegance to your kitchen without taking up too much space. Their advanced yet user-friendly mechanism means that savoring an enticing cup of Gia couldn’t be simpler.


Il Gustino’s offering of flavorful Italian espresso and quality service has made it a leader in the Lebanese market. Every detail from the selection of coffee beans to the packaging guarantees a great cup of the freshest coffee every time.