Najjar Raqwa

Perfection Sealed in every RAQWA Capsule

Najjar Raqwa is a revolution in the Lebanese coffee preparation.
Najjar Raqwa coffee maker consistently brews the perfect cup of Lebanese coffee at the press of a button, every single time.
First automated process for consistently Perfect Lebanese coffee.
Maximum efficiency and simplicity.
Guaranteed Hygiene.
Multiple cups with "Achweh" at the press of a button.
Automatic Temperature control for boiling.
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Café Najjar Raqwa is the Perfection sealed in every capsule
Café Najjar Raqwa capsules delivers a richly satisfying taste in every cup.
100% Arabica Beans
Vacuum Packed
Guaranteed Freshness & Aroma in every single cup
Available in boxes of 100 with or without Cardamom.
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